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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Startup Game: Inside the Partnership Between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

I just finished reading The Startup Game, on my flight back from Italy. I am pretty confident that just about anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit would enjoy reading this book. If you know little about the venture capital community and its relationship with entrepreneurs, you will be introduced to a highly intriguing, incredibly fast-paced and hugely value-creating ecosystem. If you are already familiar with this world, you will still benefit from the wisdom of one of the world's veteran, preeminent venture capitalists, William H. Draper III (also former President and Chairman of the Import-Export Bank of the United States, and former head of the United Nations Development Program), and gain valuable insights through the various anecdotes from years of his firms' investments in some the most innovative and important companies in the world, as well as from his notable stints at the aforementioned distinguished government agencies. As an added treat, Draper also discusses his more recent experience with venture philanthropy, by means of The Draper Richards Foundation (which he co-founded with partner Robin Richards Donohoe), his venture philanthropy fund, where he and Richards have aided the development of some of the most impressive, impactful and innovative non-profit organizations, including Ashoka, Kiva, and VisionSpring. All in all, a highly recommended, quick, entertaining read!

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